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        Through more than ten years of medical and health product export services, we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience, and can provide professional and personalized services to meet the needs of different customers around the world for personalized and branded customized medical products.

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        Product Description

        One 3*6cm Prep Pad in 5*5cm pouch saturated with a 10% Providone lodine Solution equivalent to 1 % available iodine.

        100pc/box, 10000pc/carton.

        English neutral packing

        Saturated with10% Povidone- lodine, solution

        equivalent to 1 % Povidone- lodine

        Pouch Material: Aluminum foil paper, 90g/m2

        Non-woven size: 60*30mm,

        Solution: with10% Povidone- lodine, solution

        Solution Weight: O.4g- 0.5g

        The material of the box: cardboard with white

        face and mottled back; 300g/m2;

        povidone-iodine prep pad      sanitized cotton

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