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        Product customization service

        Most of the company's products can provide a full range of customized services including product materials, models, functions, packaging. Please contact customer service staff for details.

        Through more than ten years of medical and health product export services, we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience, and can provide professional and personalized services to meet the needs of different customers around the world for personalized and branded customized medical products.

        X Ray Blue Film
        Quick Details
        • Brand Name:
        • SUPPRO
        • Place of Origin:
        • China (Mainland)
        • Size:
        • 8x10in; 10x12in; 11x14in; 14x14in; 14x17in
        • Model:
        • green sensitive/blue sensitives
        • Temperature:
        • 10-20℃/50-74F
        • RH:
        • 40-60%
        • Radiography:
        • x-ray
        • OEM service:
        • yes
        • Samples:
        • available
        • MOQ:
        • 5000M2
        • Certificates:
        • CE/ ISO
        Packaging & Delivery
        • Packaging Details:
        • 100pcs/box
        • Delivery Time:
        • in 30 days
        Product Description

        Product Description:

        5in x 7in, 8in x 10in, 10in x 12in, 11in x 14in, 12in x 15in, 14in x 14in, 14in x 17in, 18cm x 24cm, 24cm x 30cm, 30cm x 40cm, 35cm x 35cm, 35cm x 43cm, etc.

        Description Specifications
        Size sheets/box m2/box
        Medical X-Ray Film Green sensitive 8x10in 100 5.1613
        10x12in 100 7.7419
        12x15in 100 11.6129
        Medical X-Ray Film Blue sensitive 8x10in 100 5.1613
        10x12in 100 7.7419
        12x15in 100 11.6129

        Correctly handle the film. Avoid any damages by damp, sunlight, heating, rays or pressure.
        Store in a cool, dry place (The suitable temperature is 10-20oc, the humidity is 30%RH-60%RH). Keep it away from dampness, high temperature, any bad effective gases, x-ray, gamma ray or any other penetrating rays.
        Stored vertically to avoid any harmful effect caused by pressure.

        Interested in this product, please leave us a message