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        Current: Products> Medical Consumbles >General Medical Supplies >Self sealing Steam autoclave sterilization paper bag or pouch for medical or Dental use

        Product customization service

        Most of the company's products can provide a full range of customized services including product materials, models, functions, packaging. Please contact customer service staff for details.

        Through more than ten years of medical and health product export services, we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience, and can provide professional and personalized services to meet the needs of different customers around the world for personalized and branded customized medical products.

        Self sealing Steam autoclave sterilization paper bag or pouch for medical or Dental use
        Quick Details
        • Place of Origin:
        • Shandong, China (Mainland)
        • Brand Name:
        • Hiprove
        • Model Number:
        • OEM
        • Material:
        • Medical paper+PET/PE film or subject to the customers' requirement
        • color:
        • 4 different color(as customized)
        • Sterilization:
        • ETO and steam
        • Application:
        • Hospital,lab,beauty and medical devices sterilization
        • Certification:
        • CE, ISO,FDA
        • Printing:
        • Non-toxic water printing
        • Validity:
        • 2 years
        Packaging & Delivery
        • Packaging Details:
        • 200pcs/box
        • Delivery Time:
        • in 7 days
        Product Description

        1.The pouch is made by medical-grade paper and Polyprolene/polyester laminated film. With self-sealing adhesive strip on the top ends.To make it easier and effective sealing without sealing machine.
        2.Three strips sealing edge design,to avoid exploding during heating effectively.
        3.Colos changing indicator on the pouch,to show the sterilization result clearly.
        4.To clearly showing the instruments inside the pouch from the transparent tinted film.

        Meterial                Medical paper+PET/PE film or subject to the customers' requirement
        Application     Hospital,lab,beauty and medical devices sterilization
        Sterilization      ETO and steam
        Film color   4 different color(as customized)
        Packaging    200pcs/box,20boxes/case,or as customers request.
        Delivery   Within 15~30 days after receiving the deposit
        Terms of payment  T/T,L/C,Western Union,etc.
        Storage  Stored in dry ,hunidity below 80%,ventilated,
        non-corrosive gases warehouse
        Note   1. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide 
        Certification CE, ISO,FDA
        OEM   1.Material or other specifications can be according tocustomers'requirements.
        2.Cutomized Logo/branch printed.
        3.Customized packaging available


        Item No.

        Inch Size The method of packaging
        HP 57100 2.25”*4” 57*100mm 200Pcs/Box 50Boxes/Ctn
        HP 57130 2.25”*5.125” 57*130mm 200Pcs/Box 50Boxes/Ctn
        HP 70260 2.75”*10” 70*260mm 200Pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
        HP 83160 3.25”*6.25” 83*160mm 200Pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
        HP 90165 3.5”*6.5” 90*165mm 200Pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
        HP 90260 3.5”*10” 90*260mm 200Pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
        HP 90550 3.5”*21.6” 90*550mm 200Pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
          HP 135260 5.25”*10” 135*260mm 200Pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
        HP 35280 5.25”*11” 135*280mm 200Pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
        HP 35300 5.25”*12” 135*300mm 200Pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
        HP 35380 5.25”*15” 135*380mm 200Pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
        HP 5260 6”*10” 155*260mm 200Pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn

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