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        Emergency Stretcher Bed
        Quick Details
        • Type:
        • First-Aid Devices
        • Brand Name:
        • HIPROVE,OEM
        • Model Number:
        • AP-3G
        • Place of Origin:
        • Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
        • Certificate:
        • CE/ISO
        • High Position:
        • 190X55X88cm
        • Adjusted Size:
        • 190X55X72cm
        • Low Position:
        • 190X55X40cm
        • N.W:
        • 34.5kg
        • Loading Bearing:
        • less than159kg
        • Packing Size(1pc/carton):
        • 195X62X38 cm
        Packaging & Delivery
        • Packaging Details:
        • 195X62X 38 cm
        • Delivery Time:
        • in 1 week
        Product Description

        I. Technical Parameters:
        1. Product Size (L×W×H):
          High Position: 190×55×88cm 
          Adjusted Size: 190×55×72cm
          Low Position:190×55×40cm
        2. Packing Size(1pc/carton): 195× 62 × 38 cm
        3. N.W .:34.5kg   G.W.: 40.5kg
        4. Loading Bearing: less than159kg

        II. How to use:
          Its bed surface with safety belts, made of soft sponge mattress and adjusted back. One medical staff can push the stretcher  up to the ambulance or send to ward.The height of this stretcher can be adjusted by operating the handle of the stretcher.

        III. Applied for:
          Approved by clinic practice, this item is suitable for ambulance, hospital, battle field, gym to carry the wounded & patients. It also can be used in general operation.

        IV. Cautions:
          1. When carrying patients with this stretcher, be sure lock tightly the fender locking device & fasten the safety belt for safety sake.
        2. In general operation, be careful not to tear out the surface of the stretcher.

        V. Maintenance:
        1. Keep clean as routine (incl. sterilization).
        2. Often check if any parts loose or not.

        VI. Storage & transportation:
        1. Store this product in the place of damp proof & non-corrosion.
        2. Common transporting vehicle can carry this product.
          3. Upside down is prohibited during transportation & storage. Stack the goods as per the instructions printed on the package.

        VII. Package:
        1. Packed in high durable carton with wooden base.
          2.Packing :certificate of inspection & user’s manual & packing list (stretcher-1pcs ,base-1pc,safety belts-2pcs,outer both (M10×25)-2pcs, inner bolt (M10×40)-6pcs,inner bolt(M10)-2pcs, plate washer(10)-8pcs, plate washer(6)-6pcs.)



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