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        Cryovial Tube
        Quick Details
        • Classification:
        • Other
        • Brand Name:
        • HIPROVE
        • Model Number:
        • HP-NU01
        • Place of Origin:
        • China (Mainland)
        • Material:
        • PP
        • Volume:
        • 0.5ml1.5ml1.8ml4ml5ml7ml10ml
        • Certificate:
        • CE,FDA,ISO
        Packaging & Delivery
        • Packaging Details:
        • 100pcs per bag
        • Delivery Time:
        • 10 days after payment
        Product Description


        Sterilized NUNC Tube Freeze Cryogenic Tube Cryo Tube
        NUNC tube/Cryo tube

        material : PP

        perfect sealing and watertight

        good quality and low price

        exported to all over the world

        We are carefully inspected raw material and carry out strict in-process check as well as laboratory test to ensure our products with good quality.Freezing tubes can bear temperature of 120 and low temperature of -190. Very good mechanical,thermal and chemical stability. Exclusive sealing cap effectively avoid leakage. Graudation.White writing area is available.Different colored screw caps for easier identification of samples.

        HP-C01 0.5ML Point Bottom 20000 56*42*42 14/13
        HP-C02 0.5ML Can Stand 12000 56*42*42 12/11
        HP-C03 0.5ML Can Stand With Cap 12000 56*42*42 12/11
        HP-C04 1.5ML Point Bottom 10000 56*42*42 13/12
        HP-C05 1.5ML Point Bottom With Cap 10000 56*42*42 13/12
        HP-C06 1.5ML Can Stand 12000 56*42*42 14/13
        HP-C07 1.5ML Can Stand With Cap 12000 56*42*42 14/13
        HP-C08 1.8ML Convex Cap 10000 56*42*42 16/15
        HP-C09 1.8ML 10000 56*42*42 16/15
        HP-C10 4ML 3200 56*42*42 13/12
        HP-C11 5ML(Mould Graduated) 3200 56*42*42 13/12
        HP-C12 5ML 3200 56*42*42 13/12
        HP-C13 7ML A      
        HP-C14 7ML B      
        HP-C15 10ML 2000 56*42*42 14/13

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