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        CPAP Machines With CE and ISO13485 Certificate
        Quick Details
        • Place of Origin:
        • Shandong, China (Mainland)
        • Brand Name:
        • Hiprove
        • Model Number:
        • C02
        • Name:
        • cpap machines with humidifier
        • Main Function:
        • Sleep Apnea Therapeutic Device
        • Display:
        • White-Black LCD screen
        • Airflow:
        • Automatic air-leak compensation
        • Airway:
        • Independent airway
        • Pressure:
        • utomatic pressure compensation
        • Alarm:
        • Power failure alarm
        • Lock:
        • Parameters locked automatically
        • Protection:
        • Thermal overload protection
        • USB interface:
        • Remotely-controlled operation
        Packaging & Delivery
        • Packaging Details:
        • Standard carton package, suitable for both sea and air shipment
        • Delivery Time:
        • 10-15 days after deposit (negotiable)
        Product Description

        CPAP is short for Continuos Positive Airway Pressure. We have three different types: CPAP, AutoCPAP and BiPAP.
        1. Auto-adjusting pressure for personalized treatment during sleep;

        2. Autoleak Compensation: users' movement or the wrong way to wear mask may cause airflow leak during sleep. The pressure will reduce because of airflow leak. This device can autodetect leak, and make compensation to ensure the pressure;

        3. Auto-altitude compensation: the pressure can be adjusted according to altitude to ensure the pressure of the apap;

        4. Alarm for cutting down the power: the device will give out alarm when the power cut down, it can exclude any danger;

        5. Overheating protection: humidifier will be auto-off when overheating;

        6. Independent airflow channel: the electronics and airflow have their own different channels. It can exclude the smoking which caused by electronics broken;

        7. Huge display, 3.5" TFT Screen, show airflow and pressure on screen of the CPAP;

        8. Parameters locked automatically: to avoid wrong operation, parameters can be locked after setting;

        9. USB port for data communication;

        10. Epworth: To estimate the effect of the treatment by themselves with Epworth;

        11. More than 10hours real time data and more than 1year used records can be saved;

        12. Compact footprint including humidifier;

        13. Combined smart technologies of the CPAP;

        14. The AutoCPAP has contemporary and stylish design for bedroom appeal;

        15. Use reports: better monthly use report.


        Model C02 C01 C09 C08 C18 C19
        Colour Gray Shell with White-Black Screen Silvery Shell with Color Screen Silvery Shell with Color Screen Gray Shell with White-Black Screen Gray Shell with White-Black Screen Silvery Shell with Color Screen
        Working Mode
        Auto CPAP - - - -
        S - - - - -
        ST - - - -
        T - - - - -
        Pressure Range
        Pressure (cmH2O) 4---20 4---20 4---20 4---20 4---20 4---20
        MaxP (cmH2O) - - 4---20 4---20 - -
        MinP (cmH2O) - - 4---20 4---20 - -
        IPAP (cmH2O) - - - - 4---20 4---20
        EPAP (cmH2O) - - - - 4---20 4---20
        Respiratory Frequency - - - - 4---40 4---40
        Main Function
        Ramp Up Pressure (1-60Min)
        Auto ON/OFF
        Auto Leak Compensation
        Auto-Altitude Adjusting
        Ramp Up Time (200-700ms) - - - -
        Inspiration Sensitivity - - - -
        95th Pressure Titration - - - -
        Power Adapter (110-240Vac)
        Alarm for power off or disconnected
        Heated Humidifier
        Data For Store
        Time In Real Time (With 30 Seconds) - - - -
        Data In Total (Apnea Hyponea Index /Artificial Intelligence, Leakage, Usage, Adaptability, Life Time)
        Data In Details (Apnea Hyponea Index, Incident, Pressure, Respiratory Flow)
        Data For Imput
        USB Connected With PC
        Noise <30dBA (10cmH2O)
        Weight 1.0Kg (Host+Humidifier)
        Dimension 390mm*280mm*195mm

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